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Know the complete Journey of Google, History of Google

Google which recently celebrated their 20 years of success ! Everyone you have some questions like, How Google Started ? When was google founded ? How Google got funding ? How Google competed with their competitors like Yahoo ?

In this complete article, you will get to know the complete history of Google along with some interesting facts.. 

Before starting, i would like to share an interesting funny fact of Google. Some english people calls Google as Google God ! and we Indians call it as Google Baba! because what a common man don’t know, Google knows it !! Hahhah !! 😂🤪😜

The Journey of Google is started by two students Larry page and Sergery Brin in 1995, they were studying at Stanford University, California. As they were students at that time so they founded it by taking funds of their university.

Larry Page had an idea to explore the use of the World Wide Web. While on this journey, Page found out about which web pages link to a specific page and how the information of the backlinks is really important.

In simple words, Google work on refer basis, when a website refers other website, this refer technically called as Backlinks. When a website give another website a link, this links is called as Backlink and Google found a cool method, mathematically programmed algorithm, to discover these backlinks and rank according to that. Page and Brin developed the algorithm called PageRank.

How Google started full journey
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They came up with a technique to figure out how the results can be shown in a better way as compared to the techniques that already existed. This was based on the fact that the pages that have the most links to them, from other pages that are much more relevant, will be the most relevant pages that will be connected to the search.

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This information helped them to test their thesis as part of their studies and began the birth of Google.

Google, cam from the misspelled word ‘googol‘, which is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The search engine was started on the Stanford website with the domain name as google.stanford.edu. On September 1998, Google took a decision to form as a company and soon became official from a garage in California. The garage was belonged to their friend Susan Wojcicki.

Initially, Google was against the use of advertising of pop-ups in the search engine but  later Team Google changed their mind and ads made entry into the large search engine in the form of text.

By 1998 Google was getting all the attention around the world for being technologically advanced and for providing better results compared to other famous search engines of the time, who were seen as the future of the web. In same year Google moved to the Sillicon Valley having address at 165 University Avenue, Palo Alto.

The company took over Mountain View in Amphi theatre Parkaway and is still located in the same spot known as Googleplex.

People liked the search engine for its simplistic design & best results around the globe. As the ads were text base, which helped Google to have best page design and also to increase the page loading speed.

Google journey
Google Doodle

In 2007, Google started a rise in search for all types of content. Google also rose in the selling of ads through keywords.

And by the 2010, People started saying each other to Google something, if they did not know it instead of saying ‘find it out somewhere’.

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In the year 2011, Google focused to expand with more products and services. Google+ was launched, eight years after launching the first social network in 2004, Orkut.

During this time, many updates came related to User Interface and algorithms have come up. RankBrain was announced in 2015 which is a machine learning based engine which used neural networks.

Google during this journey taken important decisions like in AdWords as well, the right column ads were removed.

Article by Mohit Bahl

It is unbelievable that something started as a research project and was launched in a garage, now became a worldwide technology company that helped & touched everyone’s life.

Years may go ahead, but it looks like we will keep celebrating Google’s birthday again and again. – Mohit Bahl

#TIP -One more thing which i would like to tell you all is that, Nothing is easy as you can see you just read about the journey of 20 years of history of Google in just few minutes but the journey is not that easy, every journey has many ups and downs… So, if you also want to start something of your own, and thinking or just imaging, then just do it, if you have passion for that. Always remember – Taking no risk is the biggest risk ever… Your idea can be the next big revolution, so just go for it. You can connect with me anytime, if you want any help, share or share your views and don’t worry its free 😜, i just love to help & make new friends 🤝 who have passion to change the world !

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