Instagram down 3 october 2018

Few minutes Ago, Messaging and social media platform Instagram had stopped working, where its users are unable to see profile’s pictures, profiles and new messages.When Users are trying to see profile of others or trying to open On web they are greeted with empty profiles and a message that the app “cannot refresh feed”.

The web version of the app that is website of Instagram is showing only a “5xx Server Error”.

Instagram app down latest news 3 october 2018 5xx error

The problems come amid a difficult time for Instagram. As you know Instagram is managed by Facebook and Few days ago,Instagram’s two founders left amid rumours that they were disagreed with Facebook over how their company should be run.

Now after the Facebook hack was revealed few days ago many people are feeling unsecured and this thing has happened today which make users think that Instagram user’s accounts might also have been caught up in it if they had used their Facebook log-in to create their Instagram account.

Everyone is expecting it certainly simply as a technical fault. Instagram goes down for time-to-time and can send major ripples across the internet, since more than a billion people use it each month. So what has happened It is will be known soon . Be updated to our Post and get more updated about what happenned.