You can do video Conferencing for free and can do your work fastly. There are many video calling service providers but the most famous and the one i love is Skype. I will guide you exactly how to do video Conferencing using Skype for free.

Skype is a free video conferencing equipment or application available on Macs, PCs, and tablets & smartphones by Microsoft that allows users to make free webcam chat, voice and free video calls to other Skype users as well as to traditional phones for a fee.

You can use this free webcam chat service to do video conferencing for absolutely free !

Now You don’t have to invest a lot for video conferencing like on video chat rooms, video conferencing equipment‘s and much more. Web conferencing is the best and most affordable option for video conferencing nowadays.

Today’s Digital World is nothing like anything. You can do anything from your smartphone or desk. Free video conferencing is the best example of digital world. You can talk, guide, teach, do business and now even can take interviews online fastly and securely.

Steps on how to do video conferencing


Step 1 : Click here to navigate to the Skype download webpage.

Step 2 : Select which version of Skype to download from the list of compatible devices and operating systems on the list.

Step 3 : Click “Get Skype from Store”.

Step 4 : Install Skype using your device’s preferred method of software installation.

Step 5 : Launch Skype and Sign-in to your Skype account. Click here to create an account if you don’t already have one.

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Step 6 : Select an online contact from your contact list. Add contacts by selecting “Add a Contact” from the upper right of your contacts list and entering a Skype username.

Step 7 : Select “Video Call” to initiate a video call.


Step 8 : Click the “+” sign then click “Add people” to add more Skype contacts to the video conference. You can add up to 24 people to the conference for a total of 25 (including yourself).


That’s it ! You’re ready to do free video conferencing and carry on your business without spending a paisa (penny).

Skype is the best software for video conferencing by Microsoft. As Microsoft is working day by day by enhancing their  products and services. However, there are other options too for free video conferencing or which according to me is the best and secure for free online video chat. You can use Google HangoutIMO for free webcam chat as well as web conferencing.

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