11 hidden features of iOS 12

Apple iOS 12 is Here | 11 Hidden Features that You should Know

In the recent Apple launch event, iOS 12 update came, Apple’s several iPhone and iPad models are ready to experience the new and advanced features that can help them perform smoothly and more efficiently. Along with the launch of iPhone Xs and more models, Apple introduced it’s newly born iOS 12 who with its all improved avatar will let iPhone users have an amazing experience.

Hidden features of iOS 12 of Apple devices

To start with the 11 hidden features

#1 It is important to mention that iPhone or iPad supporting iOS 12 will have automatic updates on their devices without any manual approval of the user. You can go to the settings, then under General, Software updates and then automatic updates. By doing this you will receive all the future updates automatically even if the iPhone or iPad is not in use.

#2 This new update will also help the user in saving battery by finding out which app or any kind of unauthentic operation that is draining out the battery of your iPhone or an iPad.

#3 The battery consumption of the device will clearly show via breakdowns & the graphical representation that where is the maximum battery consumption going to.

#4 Face ID option is the next hidden feature of iOS 12 that will help iPhone and iPad users with any sort of face detection problems. Sometimes it was found that anyone wearing sunglasses or a cap or scarf, the device find the problem of face identification on their iPhone.

#5 Next is the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature that gets updated with iOS 12 on your devices. You can set temporary Do Not Disturb mode while busy without any manual settings. This DND feature disables itself in an hour and will also tell your current location on the device.

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#6 Now you can enjoy QR Code scanner in Control Center after the update of iOS 12, which was earlier added to the camera app for the devices running on iOS 11.

#7 After the iOS 12 update on iPhone and iPad, you’ll find the facility of autofill shortcodes. Those receiving authentication codes via SMS can now see the same code same time you can use the keyboard.

#8 You’ll be unable to access Control Centre on iPad via multitasking cross points. Also, iOS 12 will also disable USB accessories to rescue any sort of hacking.

#9 New update will also disable the lightning port of the iPhone, if the user has not unlocked the device in last one hour.

#10 iOS 12 will also enable its users to force close an app with a single swipe.

#11 Your device in iOS 12, in the message app, you’ll find the new camera tool for pictures & videos wherein emojis can be added easily.

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So, i hope you like these 11 hidden features of Ios 12. Do let us know in the comments which is your favorite among these and also what you think, apple should have in their upcoming updates.

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